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Apex Neuroscience is a neuroscience research nonprofit with a mission of improving preservation quality in brain banking and brain preservation procedures.

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Your support is invaluable to us. Any donation, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated and demonstrates the extent of public support for our mission.

Please be advised that we have submitted an application for 501(c)(3) non-profit status in the United States. For questions about the tax implications of your donation or the current status of our nonprofit, please reach out to us via email at

Any generous contributions you are able to provide will be used primarily to fund research services provided by third parties, such as microscopy services. At this time, Apex Neuroscience does not have any employees. We are currently funding limited in performing biomolecular profiling on preserved brain tissue. If you would like more information on our current projects and how we could deploy funds, please contact us.

Maintaining the privacy of our donors is a top priority at Apex Neuroscience. If you donate via credit or debit card, this is handled via PayPal, and we do not have access to your card information. The only personal information we receive is your name, email address, the amount donated, and any message you provide (completely optional). This information is confidential and is used solely for internal purposes, such as sending receipts and keeping you informed about our progress. We will not share or sell your personal information with any outside parties.

If you are able to contribute $1,000 or more, we plan to offer recognition on a dedicated Donors page, which will be developed to honor substantial contributions. This is our way of expressing gratitude and giving you the chance to share your belief in the importance of our work. Participation in this recognition is entirely optional. If you choose, you can also provide a brief statement alongside your name to inspire others. Please indicate your preference regarding this when making a donation of this magnitude.

Key Research Areas

At Apex Neuroscience, our work centers around research projects that further our mission. Apex Neuroscience will make the ultimate decision on how to use contributions for purposes consistent with our mission. Currently, donations go to our general operating fund, granting us the flexibility to allocate resources where they're needed most. We want to highlight two major areas where we expect to spend donated money:

Preservation Quality Evaluation

Krassner et al. 2023
McKenzie et al. 2022

For this aspect of our research, we will spend money on reagents and services for assessing the structural preservation of the brain. Donations allow us to profile tissue using expensive but high-resolution imaging techniques such as volume electron microscopy, expansion microscopy, or biomolecular imaging.

Anatomical Gift Coordination

For this aspect of our research, we will spend money on coordinating anatomical donations. This will help us to validate our preservation techniques on an expanded sample of human brains, which we think is essential because too often techniques work in animal models but not in humans.

If you're interested in driving a unique initiative with your contribution, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at