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Overview of Brain Preservation

Krassner et al. 2023
Brain Preservation Foundation Petition

Although brain banking is a widely understood field, brain preservation is more niche and may require more context. For a detailed overview of the goals and rationale of structural brain preservation, you may be interested in these essays and notes on the topic by one of our directors. The Brain Preservation Foundation also has a wealth of information on the subject. Additionally, consider supporting this petition advocating for rapid access to brain preservation for people who desire it.

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Please consider spreading the word about the research we're doing at Apex Neuroscience. Linking to and sharing this website with others who you think should know about us would be very helpful. You might also want to engage in conversations about brain banking and brain preservation both online and in your offline communities. Public discussion and awareness are pivotal in making people understand and feel comfortable with these options. If you know of anyone who might be interested in doing research with us, please introduce them to us or let us know who we should approach.

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It is essential for us to work with others to benefit from their skills and expertise. We welcome collaborations with people knowledgeable about neuroscience, biomedical engineering, microscopy, chemistry, and other topics to help us advance our research. We're interested to work with industry scientists, academics, or independent researchers to help achieve our mission of improving brain banking and brain preservation. We expect that most of our collaborators will be remote, although on-site collaboration at our facility is also a possibility. If you are interested in a collaboration, or if you think that our expertise could be helpful for your research, please reach out to us via email at

Career Mentorship

At Apex Neuroscience, one of our major goals is in fostering the next generation of leaders in brain preservation. Whether you have a background in neuroscience or another field, your interest in the subject is what matters. If you're driven to make a meaningful impact in this field, please email us at for more information about the career mentorship we offer. We are interested to hear from you and we believe this may be valuable to you in your journey. There is no charge.

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